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    Activate window and do action

    I didn't really know how to put this question, hence the daft title.

    Here goes, I have the new 24inch iMac, nice big screen, which means lots of different windows and therefore lots of swapping and switching between windows.

    Once of the most annoying things is, for example being iTunes which is active, and having an inactive Safari window behind it, I then click a link in the Safari window and nothing happens, it just activates the window, so i have to click again to go to the link.

    Can this be changed?



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    Try hitting the F9 Key. Expose. All windows become smaller and visible and you click what you want.

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    Thats a good idea.

    But its not as neat as it would be if I could just activate and do an action on the screen in one click. Rather than clicking Expose, then the screen I want to use then the action I want to do.

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    i usually set up a hot corner for that. go to system preferences>desktop and screen saver>screensaver there is a button in the lower left corner that says hot corners. check it out

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    No, none that I am aware of - you will have to do 'something' to activate a different window before you can use it.

    Most apps use a variety of shortcut keys. These shortcuts have different functions depending on what application is active. Just imagine if the shortcut keys worked on every open app rather than only the active one.
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    OH well, if it can't be done then it can't be done.

    Thanks anyway

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    i usually just doubleclick in such a situation, or i use one hand to alttab (apple-tab now) and the other to click. - forum for fun people

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