There is a mysterious automated process occuring in the wee hours of every morning on my wife's Macbook that appears to be mirroring the entire contents of her HDD to a folder on an XP machine that I use as a media server. It's not completely mysterious, because I was playing around with a few different OS X backup utilities a few months back, trying to find the one I like best. I tried out psyncx, and SuperDuper, but I thought that I had erased them both. I can't find any evidence of either in her Applications folder. So anyhow this automated backup is doing the right thing, sort of, but it's putting the backup in the wrong place in the XP machine's directory structure, and since I don't know what program on the Macbook is executing these backups, I can't modify what it's doing.

Is there any place within OS X to search for a log of processes or file transfers that might give me some clues? I suppose I could just get up at 3 am (which is about the time that this seems to be happening, based on the time stamps on the backed-up files) and see what processes are running whenever the HDD starts working, but I'd rather stay asleep, so any advice anyone can offer would be appreciated.