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    Hello all,

    Just have a quick question. I just sold my iMac 2.1ghz (great machine, btw) because I'm going to wait to buy a Macbook Pro in a couple of months (I'll wait until Leopard comes out). Anywho, my question is that I have an external Harddrive that is formatted for MAC OS only, BUT I have been supplied with a PC laptop for work. I am wondering how to access my external Harddrive files from this PC laptop? Should I use a MAC OS emulator? Will I then be able to transfer those files to a Windows formatted harddrive (that will be on the PC laptop)?

    Please help, as it'd be nice to listen to music and access some of my personal files since I'll have a laptop now for the interim until I get my Macbook Pro.

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    I'd suggest finding someone with a mac who can temorarily store your files. When your hard drive is empty format it to fat_32 which can be read by both windows and mac. Then move all your files back on.
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