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    Thumbs up Apple Warranty Service
    I switched from PC's to Mac's when the Core2Duo's came out last winter. I always heard about Mac's and the service they provide. Well I encountered my first warranty issue this week.
    I took my Macbook Pro into the Apple store in Novi, MI on Monday because the lid was not closing tight. They said they had to send it in. They told me it would be 7-10 days max till I got it back.
    I received my computer back via DHL on Wednesday morning at my house! Shipped from Houston, TX! Everything fixed and at no charge! Less than 48 hours. Unbelievable
    There is no other company in the world that could provide as good of service as I've received from Apple.
    I'm one happy customer.

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    Good to know that's how it goes! I haven't had a problem, but I was assured that AppleCare is well worth the cost. I've heard similiar stories so they must treat customers very good.

    Thanks for sharing your experience, it's very encouraging!
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