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    Question A couple of dump questions :p
    I noticed while I was installing some programs that the most common way to installing programs is to drag some icon to the Applications folder. I wonder what happens exactly when one does that. Does it just copy the file or does it do something else? and how in the world do you uninstall programs?

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    The applications folder is the right environment for apps, i.e. (hehe) I wouldn't try to run apps from the documents folder. Uninstall is easy, just drag to the trash. If you're sure you want it gone, then with finder open, select secure empty trash from the finder drop down menu

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    All it does is copy the application. Most Mac applications include all the support files they need inside the executable, so installing is as simple as copying them.

    There's no reason you couldn't install them somewhere else; the Applications folder is just a convenient place to find them all. (There are also seperate Applications in each User folder, for programs you don't want anyone else to use.)

    Uninstalling usually just involves Trashing the application you don't want. (Sometimes, though, programs create temp files, preference files, or other "leavings" in the /Library/Application Support or /Library/Preferences folders. Most of the time, these are harmless, but some programs are especially messy and leave large files there; if this is the case, Trash those, too.)

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    Thanks... hehe...

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