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    Need Help on keeping my PB running its best
    Ive had my PB for about 2 weeks now, and everythings been good. When i first got it, and played Unreal 2004, the graphics were pretty good, and it ran fast. But, lately ive noticed its been choppy and almost unbearable to play on. Any ideas on what could be causing that?

    Also.. I repair permissions about 1x a week, and run mac janitor? what else should/can i be doing. are there any programs that search your computer for files left by uninstalled programs?? thanks for the help!

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    If the game has been adding information as to your progress, it looks to me as though you may need to tack on a bit mor RAM. This looks like the system is needing to resort to virtual memory. Does it have to recover disk space on log off after playing?

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    i hve 768mb of ram already, isnt that enough for this game? once i exit the game my computer feels like it runs as normal

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    the 12 inch powerbooks, do not come with as good of a video card as does the 15 and 17 inch.

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    understood, but 64mb still is/should be good enough for unreal. the guy at the apple store said unreal runs well on his 1ghz 12" pb

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    unreal 2004 works good on my 32mb iBook 1.2ghz with 768 Mb

    maybe going to energy saver > options and set the processor performance to highest while playing the game is what you need to do
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    Maybe you should backup your progress and reinstall the game?

    Have added many mods? some mods made the original unreal on the pc quite unstable, maybe it's the same case here..

    Btw, what would you expect the guy at the apple store to say? No don't buy it, it'll run like ****? I agree that your machine should be more than capable of handling it...but of course he's going to!

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    How games perform is all relative. Some guys at the Apple store and some guys here will tell you their games run fine on all their respective systems. I have the 17" powerbook, 1.5Ghz, 2GB RAM, and the 128 optional Radeon video card, and I still find that I have to pull some settings down for it to run as smooth as I want it. Maybe my preferences are higher than most (I like at least 80+ fps), but in my opinion not a single powerbook plays top of the line games the way they're meant to be played. In other words, Nvidia would not be pleased (their motto haha)

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