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    Lightbulb Convince me to switch (from Linux)
    After a few hours of though, I have concluded that Mac OS X is the future for the 5-10 year time frame. Therefore, I should probably switch. I currently run Gentoo Linux and I'm very confortable with Ion (uber-nerd window management) and dropping to command line all the time.

    What I need is a fairly snappy box to do Java development, OSS hacking, browsing (with a mozilla-based browser), email reading (although Gmail is slowly replacing that...), website writing, and a server test bed. I don't think I can really get all of that with OS X (esp. the tomcat server testbed) but that's okay.

    I'm going to buy a new laptop for high school within the next few months. The needs here are good wireless connectivity (WiFi, Bluetooth, etc.), browsing, desktop publishing (light weight), Java play environment (just for messing around), and good looks.

    Oh, and did I mention that I want an interface that's really powerful for a power user and that I don't think windows overlapping with other windows is useful?

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    Well, you might to have to get used to overlapping windows.

    There's no reason why you can't do any of what you mentioned on OS X, with the exception of the tiled windows approach. ( Exposť might help there. It's really great at managing window clutter.)

    Other than the window manager, OS X is just a slightly odd BSD. Java 2 is already installed; so Tomcat and OS X get along just fine. Definitely check out Apple's developer documentation. (Apple even has a Tomcat setup tutorial which you probably won't need, but might find reassuring.)

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    hmm, creative aproach to window management. It's not really windows that I have a problem with, it's a lack of a good way to manage them. Exposť sure isn't ion, but it may actually be better! Another question, what about X11? I heard there was some kind of X Windows support on OS X. Is this true? Is this useful?

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    X11 is supported, though I have not tried anything with it myself

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