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    New iMac 2.0Ghz processor

    I'm planning on buying a new iMac sometime between now and October and I have a quick question (will be my first mac. )

    Is the processor on the entry level iMac part of the new intel "santa rosa" architecture or is it the original core 2 duo processor that the macbooks come equipped with? I noticed that the amt of RAM went up to a full 4 gigs which sounds like it is the newer processors but since it is a 2.0ghz I wasn't sure (the mbp and other imacs that have the newer chip sets only come with 2.2 and 2.4 options).


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    AMD 533 MHz, 312 mb RAM, 80 HDD. :(
    I would say that having 4 GB RAM on a 2.0 GHz is not really IT,

    Go at least for the 2.4 GHz then,

    for the buying time, if you wait till the 5th of October you have Leopard on it, as it seems you don't care waiting till October, I don't think those 5 days will hurt you (oh yes + the send days etc. etc.)

    for the Santa Rosa, I can't tell you
    And as final touch,God created the Dutch!

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    yes, it has the santa rosa "centrino" chipset.

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