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    Making Ringtones on a Mac??
    Is there a good program for making ringtones on a mac?

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    I use MP3Trimmer to crop MP3s to the part I want for the ringtone, then import the file to iTunes and convert it to a lower bitrate, then send it to my phone over bluetooth.

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    I use Audacity to trim up my mp3s. I import the song into Audacity then save to .wav after I've isolated the bit I want to use (15-30 seconds.) Then I use a command line encoder (bladeenc, open source thing) to encode to mp3. There is a version of Bitpim which is another open source phone comm program that has a Mac version to load them via bluetooth to my phone.

    Bitpim even allows me to load my own ringtones despite Verizon crippling that functionality in an attempt to nickle and dime me into buying their crappy ringtones. I have an LG VX8300. Great phone. Works (sort of) with my Mac so I'm happy. Isn't supported directly with Address book, but I can export a vCard (I don't want ALL of my contacts in my phone, just the important ones) of a subset and Bitpim will send those to the phone.

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    You can also open iTunes and right click the song you want and click 'Get Info' and change the beginning and end time for the song then export it to your phone via Bluetooth. That's what I did to make my ringtone. The only problem I encountered was that I had to use Spotlight to find the chopped up song file because it didn't stay in iTunes. Also, the file name was a random combination of letters and numbers in my phone's audio section. The name was something along the lines of "~sbog6" or something and the song was "It's the end of the world as we know it" by REM. So that's kinda tricky, but other than that it worked great.
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    I use QTPro to trim say 30seconds of a clip; export to AIFF, then use an iTunes script called "Drop a Few My Way" (or similar) to convert it to MP3 and give me the output on my Desktop and delete both the AIFF and MP3 version from iTunes all in one. Then I just use BlueTooth File Transfer to send it to my phone.
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    i dl'ed the bitpim. but for the life of me, i have no idea how to use it.

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