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Thread: Upgrading RAM

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    Upgrading RAM
    Hi folks

    Im about to buy an iMac, hurraaaaaaaaaay!

    On the apple store, an extra gig of ram costs will cost me 150. Is there a cheaper solution to that? I searched for " imac ram" on ebay and got 1g cards for 50 bucks! What should I take into consideration before getting something like that?

    Thanks a bunch!!

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    go to and they have a system on there that will show you what RAM will work on your system. It will be a lot cheaper than apple, and they have great RAM too. I upgraded my macbook to 2gb for about $90 shipped.

    Hope this helps.

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    if you are going to upgrade your ram alot of people here on the site recommend going to this site... I havent bought ram from their but a lot of people on the forums say it's a good buy from that site and they do have a lot of good prices too

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    Just make sure the RAM matches the right specs and then pay attention. If you have any problems at all after buying the RAM and installing it then return the RAM and try elsewhere. I bought mine at of all places CompUSA. It has worked great. Most people I know when to Crucible. I went for about 10 months before deciding there was any value to upping the RAM. Pay attention to the numbers. Those are the most important. I know some folks tat had problems and had to pull their upgrade so just pay attention and see how it is working.

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    We also have a member (MikeYMS) who is sales and customer support of Your Mac Store:

    While I've bought from Crucial in the past, I'm getting ready to upgrade my MacBook to 2GB. YMS's prices are better than Crucial. Fwiw.

    (I have no financial interest in YMS, nor do I have any experience with them. However, Mike seems to be an okay guy.)
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    thanks folks! I've been doing the whole price research thing! I really appreciate all the help!!!

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