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    How to totally remove applications!
    Hey guys i totally need to remove cs3 suite from my on windows you can go to uninstall or add and remove the a feature on the mac for that?

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    did you go to your applications folder and drag the programs to the trash bin?

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    Unless it has an uninstaller, then just drag it to the trash. This is how you do it on a Mac

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    Whenever you download an application, little parts of it remain all around the computer (i.e. folders for it, etc.) that take up space. If you download AppDelete, you can drag the application icon that you want to delete to the AppDelete app logo in the finder; then, the program is completely removed from the computer.

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    Appzapper also works just as well as the app mentioned in the above post.

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    Straight from the CS3 Read Me:

    1. Before you uninstall, close all applications currently running on your system—including other Adobe applications, Microsoft Office applications, and browser windows.
    2. Do one of the following:
    * In Windows, [doesn't apply here]
    * IMPORTANT: Mac OS has new uninstall functionality. DO NOT drag applications to the trash to uninstall them. To safely uninstall on Mac OS X, double-click the product installer in Applications\Utilities\Adobe Installers. Authenticate as an administrator, then select Remove Components and follow the on-screen instructions.

    Note: Before uninstalling you will need to deactivate Photoshop CS3 by choosing Help > Deactivate and following the on screen instructions.

    Keep in mind though.

    For 90% of apps out there, you do just drag it to the Trash, and Empty Trash.

    It's apps from Adobe and Microsoft that tend to make things much more complicated. (Well, to be fair, these are fairly complicated apps.)
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    Among the apps causing problems by simply dragging them to the trash and leaving bits behind, there is SpeedDownload...

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    When a program provides a removal script, as Adobe and Microsoft programs usually do, you should use it.

    Merely dragging them to the Trash will not fully delete them. Neither will AppZapper and the like, although this is supposedly the reason you'd want such a program.

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    Hi, I have a similar problem. I installed leopard and when I tried to boot up photoshop got messages saying 'you can't open this software. you have licencing issues. please reinstall photoshop or contact adobe'
    So I dragged the icon to the bin and emptied the trash. now, when i try to reinstall photoshop, it says, 'photoshop is already installed on this computer'. i installed appdelete, but it requires an icon to drag to it, and i don't have. The joys of giving a boy a mans job. I know I've made some screaming errors here, but if anyone could help out I'd be delighted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alexis View Post
    Hi alexis, actually, i've tried going down that route. I'm not able to type in my password on request. Thanks for your reply

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