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    Hey peoples,

    well i just joined and let me say, this forum is awesome!! lots of questions have already been answered so that helps! anyways to my point: i'm a PC user who has just recently sold his laptop and is planning to buy a new iMac within the next 2 weeks or so. My question is:

    I have a budget and I have to choose between having the 2.0GHz model with 2G of RAM OR the 2.4GHz model with just the normal 1G of RAM. Which one, on macs, is more important?? I'm not planning to play that many games so cancel out that. I was just wondering what people think and which way they'd go in this situation and for what reasons. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks peoples!! =)

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    also something i should have noted:

    I'll be using bootcamp/parellel when get my MAC so i can install vista on the mac as well, so that might be a variable in the decision???

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    Well, my thoughts whenever comparing ram to processor is that you can always easily upgrade ram... can't change out the processor. Go with the 2.4... save up $100 and upgrade to 2 gigs later!

    If you run parallels you might need the 2 gigs sooner... but 1 will suffice. Go with boot camp anyways... it's free and I prefer running an OS in it's entirety as opposed to one within another. Plus, if you save those $80... there's your extra ram right there!

    EDIT: BTW... why run Vista?? stick with XP!!

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    I agree with flilow. Stay far, far away from Vista. The trick to understanding MS operating systems is this: When the launch their brand new one, that is when they finally made their last version work.
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