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    Education Vs Higher Educational Discounts
    I have noticed on the UK apple store See Here There is a link for educational discounts, which i can access now, and there is also higher educational discounts but i need to be at my university to order this.

    Does anyone know what the diffrence in discounts is between this two? im just wondering if its worth me waiting till i actually go to uni to buy a macbook so i can get this higher educational discount instead.

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    Some things are heavily discounted for HE (you can access that store over the phone, and I think some of the prices are for phone orders only). For example you get free AppleCare with a Mac purchase (or about 60 if you buy it later, instead of 100+ [varies by model] on the online store). I don't have first hand experience though; I suggest you give them a call and get a quote.
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    ring them or chat to them via the apple store. thats what i did.

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