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Thread: 2 questions - locking down my macbook, and light weight editing app

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    2 questions - locking down my macbook, and light weight editing app
    Question 1: on windows, when I press ctrl + alt + del, there's the option to lock down the windows box... Is there an option like that for mac? If there is and there has already been a post, sorry if i didn't see it as i made a quick search...

    Hardware consists of macbook 2.16 ghz, 1.5gb ram running 10.4.10

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    You could always use the fast user switching option, which is pretty similar to locking down a Windows box since it requires a password to get back in.

    If you see your name or an outline of a person at the top right corner, then just click it and select Login Window. If not, then go to System Preferences --> Accounts --> Login Options (you may need to hit the unlock button in the lower left to activate this option). Then select Fast User Switching and you should now be able to "lock" down the computer.

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