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    External Hard Drive Problem
    Hii..i seem to have a problem with my external hard drive..on a windows pc, its unlocked, and i can put any file on it..but on my mac, its read not sure why this is happening. I wanna put files from my mac on the hard there a way i can unlock it?? thanks

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    If it's formatted in FAT32, the Mac can write to it, no problems. If it's NTFS, the Mac cannot write to it, only read from it.

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    I took my external hard drive and formatted it into Mac partitions! It was NTFS and somehow I got my iMac files on it. I could not get my MBP files on it so I got the idea to partition it. I could not get Windows to partition it as a FAT 32 so I did the Mac partitions. Now I have partitions for each Mac to use it as a backup.

    I toyed with taking it and connecting to my Linux computer and formatting it there as FAT 32. You could format one partition as NTFS and then make one Mac compatible.

    Clear as mud?

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