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Thread: do and donts and hints please

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    do and donts and hints please
    hi I'm new to here just bought my self a power mac g3 from eBay the spec is 512mb of ram 60gb h/d and 450mhz Processor and to be honest what i know about a mac i could write on the back of a postage stamp. Ive been a windows user for the last 4 years and before that i could not have told you how to turn one on. The reason i have bought the power-mac is i would like to expand my knowledge on the macs as Ive heard that they are better than a pc ... i would like to get to know the mac and learn what i can do with it and cant do with it i use my PC for video editing/ photo editing/ music /games / surfing /down loading etc... i have lots of questions but would take to long to ask them all so to start off what i would like to know what software can i use what software would most of yous recommend for what I'm going to be using it for. also is there any hints or tips on using it to its full advantage.. also once I'm more in line with the mac what would be my next step up? at the moment my PC is fairly high spec 3.4 dual core, 2 gig of ram, 650 gb h/d, 512 graphics etc


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    that has great replacement suggestions for windows programs

    also if your looking to replace that pc of yours, you should get an imac. it would smoke your PC .

    Windows fanboy gone Mac. Switching as soon as leopard launches. Can't wait for my macbook pro!

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    Welcome to Mac-Forums, jamesh1977.

    Eric's Mac-Forums Switchers FAQ and Information sticky thread is also great and full of answers for switchers.

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