I am officially week two into owning my own Mac and I must say I love it! Originally I had the older 1.83gb processor model and took it back for the newly released 2.0gb processor.

At the moment, I have my Mini in my front room without any keyboard, Monitor etc and connect to the Mini using a Windows XP machine. I have enabled Apple Remote Desktop in the System Preferences \ Sharing folder and installed TightVnc on my Laptop to access it. Normally this works just fine but occasionally the session will freeze and eventually I get the error “Connection Closed” and I need to start the session again.

Weirdly I never had this issue on my old Mini....

Is there a log file in OS X that I can view to diagnose what the problem is? Is there anything out there that works better?

Also on another note, I have heard that .Mac will eventually enable you to access your Mac remotely using a service similar to Logmein or Gotomypc, has anyone else heard this?

Sorry for all the questions