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    PHP Server and SQL Server on Mac

    iMac is on its way and as a (amateur/for fun) web developer I was wondering what people can recommend for servers? I would need to run a server which ran SQL and PHP, like Apache. Do such packages come for Macs?

    Finally are there are nifty apps for coding, I heard of one called Coda, any good?

    Really finally this time, are there any free/cheap web graphics editors, like Fireworks for Macs?



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    No input or knowledge on this at all?

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    Hosting: I use for the same stuff.

    HTML: I have not found a good solution yet. I have tried Dreamweaver, freeway, iweb, rapid weaver, etc. I was an old FrontPage user. Building tables was my skill and I can't seam to master it on any of the above. Let me know what you find. I am moving most of my sites to and playing with the code inside.

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    OS X already ships with Apache's web server. Here's an article on getting it going.

    Also, there are some very useful articles about various database options, and PHP implementation, on this page from Apple's Developer Connection:

    Hope this helps!


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