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    Aug 11, 2007
    Thumbs up I am soooo happy...mac mac convert
    I just got my macbook, now two days. i ve never felt so secure, so relaxed on a cmputer like this before. this machine is just sooo me this is the angel and God of notebooks.....i can't imagine all those days of my life with windows.
    Just the feel of removing a white macbook at a coffee shop or airport to use the wifi is just dramatic, all the looks and attention that you get....
    it is so solid, the software is just soo stable, no pop ups, no restarting, no freezing, no ctrl, alt, delete of windows....but just fun.
    me i prefered a white mac, because i feel like if it's not white then it is not a MAC, it is a mac. the idea of mac is to be unique, style and value for money...
    to me using a black macbook would just give me the same feeling of being on a dell or sony....and honestly, the white macbook is really great.
    about the heating...... when i was reading threads on the forum here about heating i kind of got discouraged, but honestly, this machine does NOT heat like they say it here. It only heated when i first brought it out of the box and plug the power for the first time, then after that, there was no more's just the normal heating, that would even make u feel better....

    wondering about battery life?

    Honestly i don't even know after how long the macbok battery take to drain. everytime i look at it, i would see 4 hours, the next time i would see 5 hours, the next i would see 6 hours, this things seems to increase not drain!!! I ve managed to get about 6 hours on this machine, of which i still had about 1 hour and 24 minutes remaining....and the calibrated time of the battery u see on a mac is not like the one on window notebook, where it would tell you 2 hours, then after about 2 minutes you see only 54 minutes remaining....this thing seems to increase instead.
    So i don't know if my battery is operating normally, because i think getting about 6 hours is questionable....

    people out there thinking of converting to a mac, pls don even think about it, go for it, it's worth it....

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    Jun 07, 2007
    I had the same reaction when I got my MBP, except in complete sentences . Just kidding, congrats on the switch and welcome to the forums!

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    South-East PoopLand, I Mean England :P
    lol i didnt have a chance to breathe whilst i was reading that!

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    Loughborough, England
    15" MacBook Pro (Early 2008) 2.4GHz 4GB RAM running 10.5.4
    mine freezes all the time when i goes into front row

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