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    I need a cheap okay notebook mostly for internet...
    OK everyone,

    So, i have an iMac g3 (700/60/768/10.4.6), and where we live we have nothing but dial up (DSL is expected in late 2009, and by then ill be outta there so fast.....) and its very annoying, to say the least.
    And everyone these days has these wireless routers, and my aunt recently got one, and im over there all the time (because she has a pool) and i could pick up a cheap laptop or notebook or whatever people call them these days,
    but i dont want to pay more than $250 for the whole works.

    So im thinking maybe an ibook g3, maybe spring for dual usb,
    but maybe i should go up to the cheapest iBook or Powerbook g4, but i dont think so as those prices are higher than i want.

    So i think im going with an ibook g3, is this a good choice? Ive read that they arent very good, but really its only for internet, and ill plan on running 10.2 or maybe even 9, or both.

    Oh here is a question,
    i have a LOT of pc-100 and pc-133, but theyre all for desktops, is the RAM for the ibook g3 the same?
    What about a g4 upgrade for the ibook g3?

    Im also considering the clamshell, but i there are some disadvantages for me which would be the battery, but i will mostly have it plugged in.

    Should i consider a powerbook g3? Do they have more upgrade options? That would be my main thing is upgrading.

    Would they even work with the wireless router setup (id have to buy the USB wireless adapter for like $30) but im not sure because the other computers are PCs. I dont care about doing all the extra stuff just connecting to the internet.

    Sorry if some of this doesnt really make sense,


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    Lowendmac can help you identify what you need.

    You want a laptop preferably with a built in airport card, or a Powerbook with a PC slot that can take an external PC card. The lower end consumer laptops do not have the PC slot for expansion.

    You also want to know what wireless specification your aunt is using because if it is WPA then your wireless card has to be know to support that too. The older cards can handle WEP I believe.

    As far as horse power goes, unless you are doing something with high demands such as video editing, a G3 should be fine for web browsing and e-mail. The bottle neck for you will be the dial up connection, not the machine.

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    How much time do you have? If you are willing to wait a few months, you might wish to consider the upcoming Palm Foleo, which is going to a solid state memory based "mini laptop", likely running Palm OS. I have seen a story and pictures about it recently, and it looks and feels like a small laptop - 10" screen, full keyboard, solid state hard drive (so it will boot up instantly - so they say) and comes with a web browser, an email client, etc. I will be looking at it seriously when it comes out.

    Check out:

    for a larger article AND pictures!

    Oh, editing to add the best part: price is expected to be $599.00.
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