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    lost function keys!!! - kindly disregard, please!!!
    Hello all,

    I was playing with some keyboard settings on my relatively new macbook(2 mos.). I'm not sure if something I did caused it, but, all of a sudden, I can't use my function keys anymore. I can't brighten the screen or adjust the volume with the keys anymore.

    In System Preferences, I tried to find what I could have done, but no luck. I did restore the defaults for the keyboard shortcuts hoping... but no.

    Is it something I could have done? Could someone help me bring them back?

    Thanks in advance


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    In Preferences->Keyboard and Mouse, go to the kyboard tab and toggle the Use F1-F12 keys to control software features - it sounds like you turned it on.
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    ...thanks, it's resolved now.

    I did a search before posting, but I only noticed the relevant posts after I had posted, then I was trying to delete my post...

    You're just too fast.

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