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Thread: Anyone ever go to those Apple workshops?

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    Anyone ever go to those Apple workshops?
    I was wondering if anyone has ever gone to those free Apple workshops that are offered, are they worth going to? I guess if someone could tell me a little about them.

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    like at the apple store?

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    I went to one when I first got my iPhone. I was lucky and the only one who showed up, so I got the personal attention of the local "Genius". I had already figured out most everything, so we went through every feature and app fully, at my pace and at my level so I came away with a much better understanding of everything that little baby can do. It was worth my time. Now, if there had been others there and the session had been geared more to "this is Safari, it's a web browser" then it would have been a waste of my time.

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    I've been to lots of them at one of the local Apple stores: one on the Mac in general, a few on iLife apps, and even one on Apple TV. I didn't do the one for the iPhone.

    I found them to be quite good in that you can learn some things you might not casually pick up on your own. If you're new to the equipment or software, I think the workshops are quite helpful. If you're an old hand at the specific topic, then you won't pick up much that's new to you.
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    I went to the Ilife one about garage band and picked up a ton of new tips that wouldhave taken ages for me to learn just messing around with it. if your close enough to one of the stors then i would deff go

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