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    i life 08
    I have a 24' Imac and wanted to try create a video from my video recorder using imovie hd. in past I would go to the tutorial website However now when I go there, there seems to be tutorials only for a new version of I life 08

    Where can I find tutorials that explain how to use the version of i life that came pre installed with my i mac.

    Should I upgrade to I life 08 or will the next operating system include i life 08

    Please advise

    Thanks Antony

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    Once you open any of the iLife app's, just go to Help on the Menu Bar and click on "Name of App" Help to go online and search there or click on "Name of App" Getting Started for the locally stored help file.

    No, iLife is not a part of the OS, it is a separate set of applications.

    Only you can answer whether you should or would like to upgrade or not.
    Check it out at here.
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    If it offers any insight into whether or not you want to upgrade to iLife (and iMovie) '08:

    Apple is now offering a FREE download of iMovie '06 to users of iLife '08, as many users who upgraded to iLife '08 complained that the new version of iMovie was not as feature complete as the version in iLife '06.

    You could take this one of two ways: keep using iLife and iMovie '06 if you want more involved movies. This also involves you continuing your search for an '06 tutorial for iMovie.

    The other thing you could do is upgrade to iLife and iMovie '08, as it seems it is much more user friendly and intuitive to use. For someone who doesn't have a ton of editing to do, this may be a wiser choice.

    Research your options, and get back to us with any more questions.
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    Bobtomay you say I life is not part of the OS however it was installed on my Mac when I plugged it in. Does this not mean its part of the OS or was it just a freebee.

    Thanks for the advice snoslicer8 I need simplicity and ease of use so im going to upgrade.

    PS Iím sure I already know the answer, but im going to ask anyway. Should I expect problems when I upgrade, do I need to take any precautions as one would in windows (Like Backing up etc)

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    ILife does not come with OSX. When you purchase a new Mac, they give you iLife with that Mac. If you purchase Tiger from a store or leopard when it comes out, iLife does not come with the OS. Only with the complete Mac. That is what Bobtomay was trying to say.

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