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Thread: Apple Store Policy

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    Apple Store Policy
    I recently bought a Dual 2 G5 with 23" Cinema Display..The only reason I bought the 23" instead of the 20" was because of the $200 price difference. At the time when I bought it I DID know that display updates were coming at WWDC, but this was my thinking:

    -I like the current displays
    -I wouldn't have to wait
    -The current ones would be more reliable, since they have had time to "iron" the "kinks" out..

    Now I am starting to get worried that I made the wrong decision...What is Apple's trade in policy? I heard that if you are within 10 days of the new updates, you can trade in for the new one, as long as it's the same price...Now my question is: Is it 10 days from when you actually click Order, or is 10 days from when your credit card is charged(When it ships)

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    Dec 28, 2003
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    Just called Apple Store
    Just called the Apple Store....It's 10 days from the day it ships...which means I can have the new or older displays!!!!

    Apple is Great! :p

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