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    cant use the cut function!?!?!?
    i have had my MBP for about a month and the cut functions is always grey under the edit menu. and if i use command x it dosnt do anything, how to i get the cut function to work!?!!?

    revise, it works for type but not for folders or files, which i am trying to use it for.

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    Ah ha, one of the things that always upsets me about OSX.

    There is no "cut" for files and folders within the Finder, either Move or Copy

    I guess this sets you up for some fail-safes, your data won't be gone if you were mid "Pasting" from a "cut" and the power dies...

    File management within the same drive/partition:
    1) The act of drag-drop alone will move the file. There is no need to use "command+drag"
    2) If you want to duplicate the file. Then option+drag is what you want (as others have pointed out, a green circle with a "+" will be displayed under the curser).

    File management across two different drives/partitions:
    1) Drag-drop alone will duplicate the file onto the second drive by default. Option+drag not necessary.
    2) If you wish to move the file (leaving no copy on the original drive), then command+drag comes into play. The green-circle with the "+" icon will disappear from beneath the cursor.

    Both cases:
    3) Making aliases is the same for each. alt+command+drag

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    Use OMCEdit to see a giant list of commands.
    Find Cut, and find Paste. And add them.
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