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Thread: Easter Eggs....

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    Easter Eggs....
    In MacOS X, while in the finder, open any window & click the minimizie button (yellow) at the top of the window while holding command+shift.
    Find pCalc2 in the Applications folder. Launch it -- Notice the icon "6x7=?" Now, go up to the "constants" menu, and choose the 1st one: "Ultimate Answer." This is actually from Douglass Adam's Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy; Definetely a think-different book...
    I was wondering why the Utility "Ports Manager", an application that manages Darwin ports, didn't have an icon.

    1) Control-click on Ports Manager, found in /Applications/Utilities/
    2) Select "Show Package Contents"
    3) Open "PortsManager.icns"

    After it opens in Preview (or your default viewer), you will see a brown cartoon platypus with a red "devil ears" hat on, surrounded by a tri-rope border.

    If anybody can ID the platypus or thinks they can, let me know and I can email you the file, since not many peope have the dev preview.

    I got 1 of them to work.. :-(

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    Egg NameDisjointed Text
    Works OnMac OS X 10.3
    Manufacturer Apple


    How it Works:

    1: Open a finder window
    2: Click once on a file name, then again to get into edit mode
    (the file's name should now be in a little box)
    3: Hold down shift and press F11


    Special Notes:

    You need 10.3 panther with exposť for this to work

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