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    Opening iPhoto pics in Windows?

    I've been using my friends mac lately and I'm pretty much sold on getting one for myself. I have what is probably a pretty dumb question but here goes....

    I love the iLife software and a big part of why I want a mac is the simplicity that iMovie and iPhoto will provide. However, if most of my media becomes stored in these two apps and for whatever reason I have to switch back to a PC in the future how will I be able to get these pics onto the PC? Will Adobe software for Windows recognize these pictures and accept them once iPhoto has been used to manage them?

    Also, I plan on having my (future) Mac on the same home network as my girlfriends HP laptop. Will she be able to gain access to these pics/files provided that I have them backed up/stored on an external HD?

    Sorry if these seem like simple questions. I really love what I've seen of OSX and the iLife suite; I just want to make sure that the software is going to play nice with the current PC in the household and I'm not going to run into problems because of the proprietary nature of some Mac software.

    All responses are appreciated. Thanks!

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    iMovie and iPhoto do not change the formats of pictures or videos, they simply edit and organize them. They remain as the originals... for instance, most of your pics are probably JPEGS. The default location that pictures (the actual files) are stored to for iPhoto is in Finder: Pictures: iPhoto library: Originals. Comparable to seeing pic files in your C: drive. So, all you have to do is transfer the raw files from there should you ever want to move them elsewhere, PC or Mac.

    As far as your gf gaining access... sure! Simply enable Windows file sharing/Personal File Sharing in the System Prefs panel and set up her comp accordingly. She'll be able to access anything on there, external HD or not.

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