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    Irritating MacBook issue
    I am a relatively new Mac convert. I bought a MacBook White. I noticed that when I am using the on-board mouse, my palm (below the pinky finger) gets cut into by the hard plastic on the front of the base of the computer. I bought the Marware protection pack to put on the computer to protect it from scratches. Will it help with the discomfort? Any other ideas\solutions? Please help, this is really annoying and never happened with my - dare I say it *gag* - Compaq Presario laptop! Thanks....

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    I have a similar product to the Marware stuff and it doesn't help. I've just adjusted my hand position to avoid it, but it is a really annoying problem that shouldn't be there.

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    I would take a gel pad or mouse pad with the wrist support and place it so it protects your hand. I rest my hand there but don't put any pressure on it to cause it to give me problems. If we were all using good keying technique we would not be resting our hands there but would be holding them off the edge. I have just given away that I don't practice what I am suppose to teach my students.....

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    If you're resting your hands on the edge then you're probably going to give yourself RSI in the long term. Your hands and wrists should form a straight line.
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    I had a friend who took light sandpaper and rounded the edge just slightly to prevent this, I havnt had an issue with mine due to the way I type... I guess it would work if you didnt mind sanding down part of your computer

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    I guess thats incentive that apple give to upgrade to a MBP, your hands don't get cut

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