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    new MacBook Pro problems
    Just bought the MacBook Pro and I never imagined this many problems. For one, the wireless works intermittently, while my IBM thinkpad never has a problem with the belkin router I've set up. anybody else experience this? I've spent hours on the phone with Apple and Belkin and nobody has any answers beyond unplug, reboot, etc.

    Even worse, the screen from time to time will begin to turn a darker shade of grey, rolling from top to bottom, and then four or five seconds later a popup will say, "you need to restart your computer...etc."

    I called in today and the person told me to remove the battery and hold down the power button and that that would solve the problem...she said this happens sometimes with new MacBook pros. Didn't sound logical really to me, but I did it and hoped for the best...same problem tonight.

    This is getting very frustrating...anybody else experience this?

    Kurt Westergren

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    sounds like you have a serious problem with your MBP. Take it back to Apple and ask for a replacement.
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    Really quick, did you install the 10.4.10 update? Those are the exact issues some are having. There is a new update. Install that if you have not already.

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    Take it back. Those 'restart' things are kernel panics. If you have them this often you have a hardware issue.

    They will give a free replacement no questions asked if you take it into an Apple store and tell them what happened.

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