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    Problems with DVD +RW
    I recently bought some DVD +RW for use with my MacBook Pro, which has a MAT****A DVD-R UJ-857D drive which supports this type of media.

    I burnt several files to a disk and as I've done many many times with a CD-RW I wanted to add some extra files. I placed all the files on the desktop and Erased the DVD using disk utility thinking I'd be able to re burn all the files, plus the new ones on again.

    However after erasing the DVD it now seems to be a readable only disk, even though it is a DVD +RW.

    Am I missing something, why can't I write onto this DVD?

    Please help!


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    I haven't used DVD-RWs in a long time, and I know I haven't with my Mac, only with my PC using Nero, but if I remember correctly even if it is an RW if you click finalize CD it will not be able to burn anything else onto it. You may want to check you don't have anything like that checked.

    For some reason I have a feeling I am horribly wrong and shouldn't even post this lol but I'm tired and who knows it could possibly be what I said. But if not, don't get aggravated because what I said didn't work. I'm sure someone else will have a reason for ya

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