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    New Mackbook, couple Setup/usage questions...
    I got my new Macbook last night (white, 2.16gh, 120gb HD, 2gb RAM) and I am setting it up. I started calibration (plugged it in), last night and got to where it said "pick the network connection and enter password", I don't have my wireless up and running yet so I didn't know what to do...I'm assuming when I buy my wireless router or access point it will come with a password (so neighbors can't tap in). In that case, when I pick the network type or whatever, how will I be able to get the internet from (other) networks OUTSIDE of my home (I have never owned a laptop and obviously very new to apple and the wireless "scene"). For instance, if I have linksye (Spelling?) in my home, how do I get a connection in the airport, it isn't likely all of these places will have the same network configuration as I will. Thanks for any help.

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    you dont have your wireless router up yet, right?

    So, what, you got a wired connection or something?

    If so, plug that in and set up accordingly.

    I don't really get it.

    When you get a wireless router, you have to set it up, and that means you pick a password to use.

    If you wanted to get a connection an Airport, you would click the little AirPort (yes, the name is a coincidence) icon in the top right, and select one of the networks that then appears. If the network has a password it will ask you for it, if not, it will simply connect.

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    If you are looking to be able to connect wirelessy in different locations i.e. airport, friends house, coffee shop, as long as the wireless connection is not locked or requiring payment your built in wireless adapter will automatically find an available network and connect.

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