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Thread: Bought a macbook yesterday - problem with getting iPod rebate

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    Bought a macbook yesterday - problem with getting iPod rebate
    Well I finally got my macbook yesterday

    I went to the Apple store in Raleigh, NC yesterday morning to buy it. I thought I would go early in the morning so it wouldn’t be too busy. Me and a friend got there at 9:00 a.m. and the store was packed. It was the first day of the tax-free weekend so a lot of people were there to take advantage of it. After an hour and a half of waiting in line, we both got our black macbooks and the 4 gb than you send it the rebate for.

    Well I already have an ipod so I figured I’d put up the money for the iPod and send in for the rebate and sell it on eBay. I was filling out the rebate forms and got everything completed and I read it through carefully before I sent it off in the mail.

    Heres where my problem is…
    Well step #1 said that I had to include a sales receipt that has the macbook and the ipod listed on the same receipt. Since the macbook was tax-free (the ipod wasn’t) he put it on a separate sales receipt than the iPod. So the iPod and macbook are on 2 different receipts but the rebate says it has to be on the same one for it to be valid. I would think the people working there would know how to give the receipts b/c nearly all the people in the store were in there for the same deal I was in there for…

    Anyone know what I should do?

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    If it's driving distance, go back and get a new receipt; if not, call Apple and give them the situation.

    CONGRATS on the new MB! "Shocks, pegs, macbook, LUCKY!"

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    Thanks I'm in love with it!

    If the apple store was in my town I would just go there but its an hour away and I dont want to make the drive if I dont have to. I'm also going out of town on monday and I wont be back for about 2 weeks so I really dont have any time to do it...

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