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    Seriously debating buying a MB before Tax-free weekends over...
    I'm thinking of driving about an hour and a half Sunday to the nearest Apple store (Knoxville, TN) and purchasing the 120GB hard drive, 2.16gh Macbook. I have been a PC guy my whole life and the PC I am using right now is getting too old and will not be able to suit my needs. I have met many un-happy PC users (myself included), and I don't think I have met any un-happy Mac users...and I have been told by some very respectable people that Mac is the new way to go. I am a senior in High School and will be using it mainly to surf the web (portably), iTunes, and writing. I only wish Apple would realize that Highschool students need the "student" discounts just as much as college folks. Oh well. Anyways, Tax free weekend would save me about $130+ (would get a bag too) in the long run which equals less, smaller payments. So my only real questions are these (I hope someone can answer)....

    1. Do you have to be a college student to get the $100 rebate on the printer?
    2. If not, can I get the rebate if I buy the MB at an apple store, or is it only online?

    Thanks...(sorry about the rant, haha).

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    Any student discount will require you to have your ID. The student discount is often a price discount only.

    Unless Apple has your student information file all ready, then you will need to go in person to present your I.D.

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    Thanks for the reply. But my question was do you have to be a college student to get the free printer, or is it for anyone? And can you get the free printer if you buy from an apple store?

    Also, what are the stipulations for sales tax if you order online. I have read posts on this site that if there is no apple store in your state you pay no sales tax, while others said if there is no store (at all bestbuy, compusa, etc...) in your state that sells apple computers you don't have to pay sales tax...which is correct?


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