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    New iMac
    Got my iMac a few weeks ago, and I'm only just getting around to connecting to the internet. I searched this forum, but couldn't find anyone with the same problem, so here goes:

    BT is my ISP (I'm English BTW), and I cant find anything on their site relating to setting up internet on a mac. I dont know if anyone on here has experience with BT, but anyway...

    I have a choice of modems:
    USB powered BT voyager 105. I've heard they are one of the worst going, and I believe it.
    D-Link ADSL2+ Ethernet Modem

    Which one should I use, or should I get something completely different?

    And on another note, programs keep closing for no reason. This has happened since I installed Whitecap, a visualisations program for iTunes.


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    Hi Joe

    Either modem will work, but Ethernet is the most commonly used port when plugging in a modem into a Mac. So I'd go with the D-Link.

    BT work fine with Macs. Just plug in your modem and follow the setup assistant in System Prefs > Networking.

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    bt back up isnt mac compatible

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    D-Link is a pretty good brand and ethernet works with any system unlike usb devices, which require drivers - forum for fun people

    Irssi, client of the future

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    I use (AOL-UK, unfortunately as it's my dad's ISP) and you can access the net fine via an ADSL (Or cable, depending on your router, most USB ADSL modems wont work as they use Windows Drivers). I've used both Belkin and Netgear ADSL Routers & Have had no problems. I am the only Mac User on my home network (3 Windoze PC's, 1 iMac)

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    If your program closing started after installing Whitecap, remove Whitecap and see if the problem goes away!

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    bt back up isnt mac compatible
    That's true, but it's just a gimmick for those unable to back up their stuff themselves.

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