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Thread: Anti-Virus for Mac?

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    Anti-Virus for Mac?
    I recently switched from a Dell to a Mac, and I had Norton Internet Security on my Dell for years. I know that viruses and other problems are much less of an issue with a Mac, but should I still purchase anti-virus software for my new Mac? If so, any recommendations on good programs?


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    I don't think it is necessary to purchase an anti-virus software unless you are connecting your mac to a PC. Well, in this case Mac might transmit the virus but it won't infect itself.

    ClamXav is a free AV software, if you are still interested.

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    Hi WJDonn
    As mentioned, unless you are going to use the Mac with Windows via bootcamp or similar you shouldn't really need antivirus. Being a converted Windos user I hav Norton these just in case.
    I did see and advertsiement the othr day for Virus buster I think , which had 2 antivirus programs - one for Mac use and one for Windows use as part of its software....makes sense to me.
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    I have VirusBarrier.

    I understand there's really no need, its more just for my piece of mind lol

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    The title of this thread should be in the oxy moron thread.

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    Thanks, everybody, for all the advice. One of the main reasons I bought a Mac was the virus protection (which seems pretty much inherent), and it sounds like I made a good choice.

    Thanks for filling me in and for confirming my hopes...

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    I will second what novicew said. I have used ClamAV across both Windows and Linux and it works wonderfully, if a bit slowly. If you are REALLY interested in an AV for your Mac, try it out. It is freeware, and since you don't really NEED an AV product for your Mac, that is a good price to pay!
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