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    general support?

    I have had my mac a while now but gave up trying to get it on the internet a while ago.

    I am hosted at, they provide you with a usb modem to connect to the internet. The drivers for this modem arn't mac compatable.

    In my attempts to connect my mac to the internet i have bought a new modem, however i still can't connect my mac to the internet.

    There always seems to be a problem whatever stage i get to. I have tried phoning my ISP and they *don't provide support for macs*.

    I was wondering if there was some general mac support number that i could phone that would help me with this?


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    Even though this may not be your modem, this may help.
    Go here…

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    You might try posting details of your problems to the forums here, or to Apple's support discussions.

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    My suggestion is switch to another ISP which supports Macs.

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    What good mac compatible ISPs are there that you know of matt?

    Thanks everyone else for your help.

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