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    New here..? about restoring factory settings/G4
    I have an old G4 that I'm trying to sell. Well this computer has the programs FreeHand and FlexiSign on it that I used for business (the computer was given to me by the business). In order to sell it, I'd like to remove those programs and whatever else I need to do to restore it to factory settings. Can someone please help and tell me how I go about doing this? I'm under the impression that I need software but I don't want to have to pay for it. There's a disk eraser on but it's $19.95. Should I sell the computer as-is? I've reset Safari and deleted my bookmarks in there. I've also put all my files in the trash and emptied the trash. Is this good enough? The only thing I'm concerned about is iChat...I don't want them to have my setting or name on there when I give it to them. Any advice is appreciated! Thanks!
    By the way, this computer has system 9 AND 10 on it.

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    Do you have the restore CDs that came with the computer? If so, just do an erase and install. If not, you can manually search for any .plist files that belong to a program that you are worried about having stored private information. I think the one for iChat is called or something to that effect.
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