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    how i get my mail from hotmail to my mac mail
    hi,i just got my new macbook and im sooo pleased!
    im new in mac so i have a question.i tried to get my mail from my hotmail account to the mail.i added a new account,got the patch for http set everything up,but when i press get mail it says that needs a subsciption for outlook and outlook express.i have my hotmail account 7 years now..
    please help ..thanks in advance

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    did you use the httpmail plugin? it should work on an account that old...

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    You can use MacFreePOPs to deliver any web-based mail account directly to Mail, regardless of whether you have paid for POP3 connections.
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    Edit: Sorry, wrong thread. Mods please delete. I have to up the dose or start the coffee earlier. Sheesh.
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