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    Jul 30, 2007
    san francisco bay area
    powermac 4,2 G4 processor OSX 4.10 1gb ram 700htz
    audio quality on tv movies
    I am having a problem with the audio breaking up/skipping when i try to play
    a television movie. IE: -desperate housewives. This does not occur on
    television news vidios.
    Power Mac4,2
    OSX 4.10
    safari 3.0
    quicktime 7.2
    flash 9
    shockwave 10
    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks email

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    Are you on dialup or broadband (high speed)?

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    Sounds to me that if you have broadband internet, you need to install flip4mac. It's my understanding that a lot of web movies are in wmv format, and perhaps the flash player can't convert it fast enough to show you? Not sure. In any event, I've never had a problem with a skipping movie, and I have flip4mac installed.

    On the other hand, you could try changing the flash and quicktime options to download the full movie before playing, instead of having a 'streaming' environment...your connection to the server may just be so bad that your buffer is playing out faster than your connection can download the video.
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