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    Ahh! OSX keeps autofocusing windows on me
    Im not sure whats going on, but say I have my Firefox window open, then I open a Finder window. I use Finder, then close the window. I then see my Firefox window, but when I click on that window, another applications window will popup instead. Im not sure why this is happening, but it happens all the time. Is there a setting I can toggle to prevent this?

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    Check to see, in System Preferences->Universal Access, if something has been check (toggled).

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    Well the bottom checkbox is checked because TextXpander needs it checked. I unchecked it to see if helped, but it didnt help at all.

    Any other ideas on what this may be? Its becoming a real PITA.

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    I would just call Apple Tech Support. Sorry we couldn't be of more help - I'm pretty new to this stuff.

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