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    Now what? I'm lost now.
    Alright I recently bought my macbook...I love it. Everything has been working fine, I got all my files on there now. I have a few questions now though.

    -Do I need any security software? I am using Wireless internet.

    -I have a External drive, whats the best way to back up? just copying home folder and keychain? I dont neccessarily want to create an exact copy of the current HD. Anyone have any good ideas how to manage itunes from an external drive?

    -I have been moving around large file folders, is there any need to run a disk defragment software?

    -Lastly, Are there any programs or any tips to help my mac keep running the way it is, I dont it to get bogged down? Also when i bought the macbook i see too file folder of "test drive" software (office 2004 and Iwork) whats the best way to remove these?

    Thanks for all the help!

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    Hi there,

    To answer your questions:
    1) I personally don't use any security software on my macbook as there hasn't been any known virus/ threat to Mac OS X. However, this is just my opinion.
    2) I also use an external hard drive. To avoid issues, my external hard drive was partitioned using the Mac OS X hard drive utility to ensure the format is correct. I use a program called Super Duper to back up my main mac start up drive. Super Duper will actually allow me to boot off the external hard drive if my start up disk is ever screwed. SuperDuper is free , however I opted to pay for an upgrade to fully utilize the features (eg. smart backup, where it only back up new/ or updated files instead to the external hard drive instead of copying the whole start up disk again).
    3) I currently use a program called Onyx to run maintenance scripts to maintain performance. This includes scripts to clear cache, defragment and repair permissions. This utility is free.

    Hope this helps.

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    I agree wholeheartedly with Gamalen! Excellent advice!

    Expanding on Number 2. I partitioned my external to have two partitions, one the size of my internal drive (named it "clone") and I use SuperDuper to backup to that. The other partition was whatever was left (I named that "Extra Files"). That is where my iTunes library is stored, my iPhoto library is stored and any other files I want to store off of my internal drive. Works beautifully for me. Saves a ton of space on the small internal drive to not have music and photos on the internal.

    Good luck!

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    Macbook white 13' Core 2 duo 2.0 Ghz, 1.5 G Ram, 160 GB Hard Drive
    I agree with Skybolt, you should partition your external hard drive into two partitions. I think i'm going to do the same thing. Great suggestion. This way you will at least have a "clean" copy of your start up disk.

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    I would add that OS X defragments in idle time already, so no need for a special utility unless you just like the joy of pushing the mouse button. Also, the built in Disc Utility has the repair permissions / verify permissions built into the OS X as well.

    But since it's free, maybe it's an easier one-step type solution.



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