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    In about 15 hours (hopefully) I will be ordering my new MBP, 15", 2.2, upgraded to a 160 GB HDD. I have read pretty much every post in this section for the last week and a half. I think I am ready. Anything to say before I order? I know shipping will take forever too.

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    wow your so lucky im getting mine in like 4 weeks

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    Shipping was ok for me. It stated 1-2 weeks but i got it in 4 days.

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    Yeh apple have a GREAT way of making 98% of customers amazingly happy by really overshooting the estimated delivery dates!

    Most products you will find ship a lot earlier and arrive a lot earlier then apple say on their website so dont worry too much

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    The Apple Store is down!

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    It's already back up.

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    Alexis, that was scary.

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