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Thread: MBP benefits?

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    MBP benefits?
    I'm still waiting for the iMacs to come out..

    But in the meantime I've been liking the idea of a MBP. I like to be able to bring my computer onto the porch, traveling, etc, and not be strapped to a desk. My husband argues that we already have laptops (education version macbook and ibook - both SO SLOW and we can't mess with them) so we should get a desktop. And he's also against it because the MBPs are more expensive.

    Are there any other benefits of the MBP over the iMac other than portability that will sway him? They come standard with 2GB RAM, which he wants, but I could care less about graphic card.

    Any other ideas???

    Thanks!!! And I apologize if this is a repeat thread! I don't think others answer my specific questions.

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    You can plug an MBP into a monitor and use it as a desktop if you want, so you would have the best of both worlds.

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    Definitely for the portability

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    Why are you current two laptops slow? What OS do you have on them?

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