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Chuck Jeanneret 07-25-2007 08:53 AM

sleep questions
Hi all! Switcher here (1 month and a half) with some questions about sleep mode. Running OS 10.4.9 on my MBP

1) Is sleep mode automatically engaged by simply closing the cover of my MBP?

2) Can applications be running when I put MBP to sleep? For example if I want to run a download overnight, can I put it to sleep and will the download still be running? Or does all activity suspend until I "wake" it?

3) when my screen goes dim then blank after some period of inactivity, is that just the "screensaver" or is that "sleep" also?

Thanks in advance for the answers. Its taken me some time to adjust to my new Mac (and I still am), but I am glad I made the switch and I haven't looked back since! These forums have been a great source of advice!

Stretch 07-25-2007 08:59 AM

1. Yep, as soon as you close the lid, it goes to sleep.
2. Nope, if you put it to sleep, all active stops until you wake it back up.
3. Its either screensleep, or systemsleep, you'll have to check your energy saver settings on that.

kuchiki 07-25-2007 11:37 AM

I have another small question:

Is it possible to turn off the USB ports while in sleep mode?
I know that the ports' power supply is turned off while in deep sleep but not in regular sleep mode. I ask because I use a notebook cooler pad by Antec and don't want it to be on all the time when my MB goes to sleep.


Chuck Jeanneret 07-25-2007 02:57 PM

Thanks for the info kuchiki.

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