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Thread: OSX good looking & ugly

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    OSX good looking & ugly
    I couldn't believe my eyes, i just got my first Mac (this is over a year ago) after drooling at Aqua skins on my LinuX fridge. I double clicked on the my hard drive "god i love that mouse" and an animation showed and i had my Aqua finder window (jaguar). Then i clicked on the top bar, i hold my breath and started dragging the window around the screen.

    Yeah Quartz Extreme Power!!! But then i clicked on the windows corner and resised my window.

    :eek: WTH!!! :confused:

    Whats wrong my resising (and scrolling too) is crappy!!! Even with Panther, why is that crappy? I have virtual screen who switch with a 3D spinning cube!!! Why? :mad:

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    well, window resizing is still painful on mac. as fas as i remember it always has, from system 7 to X. hope they fix it with 10.4 Tiger.

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    And hopefully they will fix this grey aqua thing (not brushed) in 10.4 Tiger too! So I don't have to run Unsanity haxies
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