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    Combine several MP3s to one MP3
    Is there any way with the software that comes with OS X to take a load of MP3s and combine them into a single one? I have an audio book I've put on my mac that are ordered by number 001 - 050 and would like to make it one file - is that possible without any extra software?


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    Use Garageband...

    open garageband, create a new music project, in bottom right corner of new project window click the plus sign...create a real instrument track.

    Now drag the 1st mp3 of your book to that track, and make sure it is butted against the left edge of the track. Now do the same with the 2nd mp3, and butt it against the right edge of the 1st, and so on. Now export, Share this as an mp3.


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    there was an article in Macworld about how to join tracks in iTunes. when i get home i will post the info.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fearlessfreap24 View Post
    there was an article in Macworld about how to join tracks in iTunes. when i get home i will post the info.
    That sounds very interesting. I would love to read it if you could find the article back!

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    I used MP3 Trimmer to do this awhile back (yeah, I know it's called MP3 Trimmer, but it also joins tracks). Probably easier than doing it manually in GarageBand.

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    this is what was in mac world . its in the section "mind the gap" heres another link

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    There are drawbacks to all the options above. First, it would be best to put the mp3's comprising your book into the Audiobooks folder. That way you don't have to worry about your book starting if you just want to listen to your music on shuffle play. Second, you want your books to be bookmarkable. Meaning, the next time you start listening to your book, it starts playing where you left off last time.

    I just did a tutorial on this a couple of weeks ago and can be found here.

    There are several other methods I found and tried. But this really was the easiest and fastest method at accomplishing the task.

    I have two tutorials there. For what you want to accomplish, you will need Post # 1 & 3.
    It does require "extra" software (all free).
    These two tutorials are the result of reading through every link related to this matter on at least the first 5 pages of several google searches. I found no other step by step method on getting it done.
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    Here's a simple shell script that I wrote for you:


    for SRC in $(ls *.mp3)
    cat $SRC >> master.mp3

    exit 0

    1. Put it in a file saved as (or whatever...).
    2. Open Terminal and type do chmod +x
    3. Move the shell script to the same directory as the mp3s.
    4. Run it via Terminal by typing sh .
    5. You'll end up with a final master.mp3 file.

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