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    Get it now or later?
    Hello all, got a question

    So Im going to college soon and Im considering getting a MacBook Pro to last me the next few years... and I haven't been following the Apple world until recently but I'm hearing that the new OS Leopard is coming out in October.

    And so my question is will the new OS release come out with a new line of Macbook Pros as well? I really don't want to buy a Mac only a few months before a new line comes out. On the other hand, if the computers are going to be all the same except for the software, then I might as well buy the computer now and upgrade to the latest software when it comes out.

    What do you guys think?

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    If you "need" it now, then go ahead and buy it. You'll also get a free iPod nano. If not, wait a couple of months and you won't have to pay for Leopard upgrade.

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    The MacBook Pro has just been updated, and who knows - Leopard might be delayed until Christmas. There's little point waiting really.

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    I'm in the exact same boat. The reason I decided to wait was I've managed to borrow a PowerMac G5 for the first few months of university. While it's not a computer that would last another 3 years running the software I need, it's better than my current G4 and will do OK for the introductory projects.

    After Leopard comes out, I'll get my MBP and I've saved myself 60... if a new iLife comes out around the same time, I've saved about 100, and if by any chance there's some hardware revisions, well that's even better. Not bad for a month or two's waiting.

    If I couldn't have got the G5 though, I'd have got a MBP ASAP... there's no way I could take a 6 year old machine on a course called Multimedia Technology... I'd be laughed off :p

    It just depends on your circumstances.

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    You need to ask yourself a few questions in my opinion:

    Does the current spec of the MBP meet your needs?

    Do the features of Tiger meet your needs?

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    I'd get it now, mainly because I really doubt that there will be hardware revisions along with the Leopard release (at least, in the notebooks). The MacBook Pro lineup was just updated about a month or so ago. Three months or whatever it will be seems a bit quick for a hardware update.

    Be that as it may, however, you're always going to be just a few months away from a hardware update, especially when dealing with Apple. The best way to decide is to ask yourself if the current machines will meet your needs. Being that you're a college student like myself, I'd say that the current MacBook Pros are more than adequate for that purpose (and I have the previous generation from the current one).


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    I'm in the same situation, about to buy a macbook but couldn't decide whether to wait til Leopard comes out or not. Decided I want a mac *now* and not whenever Apple decide leopard is ready. You can get leopard cheap enough, especially if you and a few friends go in on the family pack! 7 days til I am a mac-er!

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