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    Uninstalling applications
    What is the best way to uninstall an application? Obviously coming from windows this is something I think about.

    I know I can just drag an app to the trash but will this always removed everything from my system?

    Specifically I installed panic's pathfinder because I was looking for a way to have a windows explorer like interface. It has locked my system twice and totally crashed it twice. I want to get rid of it completely.

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    Side note: Path Finder is not a panic app, it's made by cocoatech.
    Just sayin' - don't want to tarnish Panic's reputation, y'know?

    The only files that are left are tiny .plist files that store your preferences and a receipt file that tells the system which version of an application is installed (to enable automatic updates and prevent duplicate installs).

    Since path finder is closely tied in to the OS itself, there might be other files that were installed. Check to see if it comes with a deinstaller. If not you could try running an app such as 'appzapper' or one of the similar free alternatives to remove all additional files.

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    Sometimes, even the Appzapper won't remove all the files. In my opinion the best way to get rid of it is to manually remove all the files.(Finder might help you with that)

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    I use AppZapper unless the application has its own uninstaller like Adobe apps for example.

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    I use Apptrap It's similar to AppZapper, except it opens when you drag an application to the trash, I like this better, instead of having to open an application to delete something (like AppZapper)

    Plus it's free!

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    An application icon is really a folder full of files, just as with Windows, so you are deleting a lot of stuff when you put it in the trash.
    Other files are usually in users > name > library > preferences and library > preferences

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    Thanks. This forum is so much help to me. I never learned OSX that well before I was forced to switch to windows. I always like to know the ins and outs of my os.

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