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Thread: Who is the Mac mini best for?

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    Question Who is the Mac mini best for?
    Switching over from Win-Doze...want a mac. storage.

    Is it for me?

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    If those are your needs, then the mini would be a great first Mac.
    You can use the peripherals and monitor that you already have, and you would have a nice space-saving design.
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    I bought a Mac Mini back when they first came out in PPC form. I call it "The great Mac OS X experiment of 2005." I was a Linux user prior to that, using Windows at work. I still do, but for my own personal computer I've decided that the Mac is my thing now.

    It was a resounding success, as I now post this from my (relatively) new Macbook (and my wife is in the living room with her Macbook after being introduced to Mac OS X via an updated, though still PPC Mac Mini.)

    My original Mini has gone to my parents to introduce them to the Mac world.

    An Intel Mini? That's just got to be all kinds of good. I needed portability for my upgrade. My wife's old Mini is hooked up to our HDTV to act as a media server. Still works great.

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    I had just bought a very nice HD widescreen monitor about 6 months before I bought my 1st Mac. As nice as it is, the iMac wasn't worth the cost factoring in the monitor I would have just sitting around.

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