Okay so I decided to update 10.2 to 10.2.8 Bundle on Imac G3. The reason for this well apart from the security updates/and obviously program updates, it seemed logical to do an update to 10.2.8.

The update progam installed fine and everything was sweet, until I rebooted.

It booted in to Mac OS X 10 went past it's startup thing where it says it's loading services and then after that it completely stops loading. It's just stays at the blue background. I can still move the mouse around the screen, that's no issue, but nothing loads - not even my desktop and it's setup for automatic login. I leave it for at least an hour or so ,but it still is at the screen with the mouse. :S

I know I definetly installed it right, I'm in complete stump to figure out what I did wrong? And Do I need to actually re-install the OS? (even though i don't have discs at this stage - but friend is sending his Mac OS 9 discs next week)

I've only had this Imac a week and already broke the OS